This was Electra’s first fully digital linear accelerator. New advancements in technology with the Cyber Knife, TrueBeam, Clinac ix, Trilogy and others have since come into the market to improve treatment. When thinking of replacing your Varian 2100, 600, simulator or Precise, please call for the current value and our cost effective deinstallation pricing.

MEDOT has been providing cost effective deinstallations on all of the Varian products throughout the USA. MEDOT has worked with hospitals and imaging centers for over 30 years.  Clients such as St. Louis University Hospital, Tenant, Hermann Memorial, Sarasota Hospital, Bay Care Healhcare, Clarion Health and HMA are just a few we have worked with.

The greatest challenge of all is not with systems being deinstalled, but with coordinating and communicating with the staff.  MEDOT will remove your system without interruption of patients or staff. Providing a negative air flow system with adequate ventilation, cleanliness and a safe environment is critical. We never leave our project until everyone is happy with our work.

This video is on a Linear Accelerator called a Precise treatment system.


Last month my team Installed a 16 Slice Siemens CT at Kindred Hospital in Tampa. We worked closely with the Architect to de-install the old Duo CT and Install the new system to avoid as little down time as possible for the hospital. Completing the project in a timely matter was our objective. We de-installed the Duo CT on October 12th and completed build-out and installation of the new system by October 25th.  We received the hospital’s system on October 20th and started work on October 22nd. The CT was in storage for over a year and came to us with numerous issues.

Upon realizing there were software, batteries, drives and other issues, we went into a service mode to fix these problems with the system. After many hours of trouble shooting, we finally got the system to run. We worked around the clock to complete this project on time and on budget. My advice to anyone Installing any Imaging system that you did not warranty, please make sure it goes to your service provider’s warehouse to clean up and refurbish to OEM specs prior to installation.

MEDOT (Medical Equipment De-installed On Time) is a Turn-key company that will not leave a project until everyone is 100% satisfied. Tom Gohn/President

Rely on MEDOT in Florida (FL), when you need imaging system de-installation services.

Why Hire Our De-Installation Services?

Medical equipment can be expensive and difficult to remove. Don’t get stuck—let us help you with all of your medical de-installation needs. Our team has a lot of experience with many different kinds of jobs including medical imaging system de-installations. We are an efficient and highly qualified team of technicians.

We have worked many different de-installation jobs over the past 30 years. These unique jobs have given us a unique set of skills that allow us to efficiently and safely de-install all of your large, awkward, medical equipment.

In order to better serve you, we also buy and sell medical equipment. When you need a one-stop shop for medical system de-installations, recycling, and purchasing, MEDOT can help you out.

For a list of the medical equipment that you could purchase from us, please view our dedicated products for sale page. If you cannot find any of the products that you are looking for, you can message us on our product sourcing page. We are always happy to help those that are looking for new equipment.

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